Our Low Carbon Solution:

Avalon efficiently converts any type of agricultural oil, waste oil, or crude oil into low carbon fuels.  Our zero-emissions, modular units can be scaled and easily moved to nearby additional feedstock sources.

The standard Avalon platform of 50 units can convert 35 million barrels of feedstock over 10 years (construction cost of approximately $7 per barrel to be processed). Our platform creates a projected 450 jobs and generates over $6 million in annual state tax revenues.

Our Flexible Design:

Avalon processing units are designed to achieve maximum product yield for each feedstock option.  As market conditions change, our mobile units can be moved to receive new types of feedstock with little to no modifications.

Our Delivery Capacity:

Avalon’s engineering and production team can deliver approximately 100 units annually. Each unit is fully tested before deployment and fully warranted.

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